Payroll Processing

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Staffing Services from Sharp Point HR Consulting

Sharp Point is a reliable and trustworthy staffing service company with extensive clientele from a diverse range of industries. We provide recruitment and HR solutions for all tiers of the organisation with proven HR metrics, to filter and offer the most relevant people resources for our clients.

Please consult us for Permanent and Temporary/Freelancing Hiring for a workplace full of productive people.

Payroll Service Highlights

  • Payroll processing

  • Statutory compliance support

  • Continuous updating & improvement in software

  • Consultation on compensation structuring from the compliance perspective

  • Latest updates in statutory compliance to avoid penalties & welfare

  • Leave Management

  • Customized Pay slip

Statutory Compliances

HR departments are understaffed in many organizations even to this day. However, the importance of their role and function has increased tremendously. The proliferation of technology has also empowered employees and provided them with greater access to information and labor laws. The ever-changing regulatory laws with frequent amendments further complicate the challenges faced by the HR department. A small non-compliance can cause damage to their reputation & goodwill in market. Therefore we have dedicated business partners operating from multiple locations across the country.


Service Highlights

  • PF, ESI, PT, LWF, IT & TDS calculation as per law in salary register

  • Generating Challans & advising customer for payment online

  • Filling online returns, Form 16, etc.

  • Update you on statutory front advise

Administrative benefits

  • Process automation to save time

  • Cut down manual effort, increase productivity and add more value to their employees

  • Eliminate the clutter of data management and information sharing

  • Increased efficiency leading to dedicate more time on company’s growth strategy

  • Continuity & stability in service